How To Order

 How to Order:

1. Choose an invitation
2. Click "Add to cart"
3. Pay thru bank
4. Send proof of payment
5. Receive payment confirmation
6. Process Order
7. Delivery

    Order Processing:
    • 1st Layout is 1 week (start date will be discussed upon booking with us)
    • Editing if any is 3 working days (per email of revision instructions)
    • Production is 1-2 weeks (upon approval of info and design)
    • Order Completion (a picture, proof of completion will be sent ahead)
    • Pickup or Delivery (shipping fee will be shouldered by the client)
    • Layout with watermarks will be provided for proof reading purpose
    • Client is requested to carefully review changes before they let us modify
    • Printing and production will proceed upon client's approval


    • We can accommodate any of the designs and fit it accordingly to the size of the invitation the client wants.
    • Regardless of design, as long as they are all the same size or they are all the same type and without embellishments, their prices are the same.
    • We can change the colors to suit client's event color motif at no extra cost.

    Payment Scheme:

    ** Full Payment Upon Booking

         (Pay in full to avail the Discounted Price)

    ** Partial Payment

         (Pay in partial to avail the Regular Price)

    • Booking or Reservation Fee is P2,000 (Deductible from the total amount of order)
    • 50 % down payment will be completed before the mass production starts
    • Full payment is upon pickup or before shipment of the products

    Mode of Payment: